Frequently Asked Questions


The MonthlyBrands Business Directory is a tool for consumers and the outside world used to search for and do business with SMME businesses or affiliated businesses.
Any and all SMME in Africa, specifically South Africa.
Anyone can view business listings on
Click on either of the “signup” buttons on the homepage Create your own username and password and fill in your business and billing information. You will be notified once your business listing is approved.

Business Listing:

Premium placement means the listing is highlighted and appears as one of the top search results in your business category. Organic listings appear directly below premium listings, but are not highlighted.
Business listings are randomly listed within each level (White and Orange) in every search result. Example: If there are four Orange advertisers, there will be a randomly generated ranking each time among the top four spots in the search page.
Your business will appear when a search is done for your business category, subcategory, zip code, or city. If you provide a coupon, your business will also appear in a search for “promotions”.
Yes. Users can search by all businesses in a category or just the businesses in a subcategory. Your advertisement would appear in both.
In the category selection area of the “Add Your Business Listing” page, you can suggest a new category and that suggestion will be sent to the site administrators. If your suggested category is approved, we will notify you via email.


The price is differentiated by how detailed the business listing is as well as what position in the directory the business listing appears.
Your fee covers the cost of maintaining the business directory, and 40% of the fee goes to providing content to assist the SMME business to grow through newsletter, networking sessions and expo.
If you have a Orange listing, you can add as many locations as needed. If you are not a Orange Member, you must upgrade or pay for an additional business listing.

Business Network:

It offers digital content to SMME business owners through social media, email newsletters and coming soon a digi-magazine.
A Portion of your membership’s fee goes to providing this content. So no additional costs.
It provides the member the opportunity to network with likeminded individuals to interact and also content from industry leaders to help grow their SMME businesses.
Any and all SMME in Africa, specifically South Africa.


Yes. We will email you a billing statement each time your card is charged. You can also see your billing history under the “payment options” tab in your advertiser profile. If you do not want to be notified, you can unsubscribe from the billing statement emails.
Your billing cycle will begin the day you provide your credit card information. If you have a monthly membership, it will be charged at the end of every month.
You will still be able to login, but your business listing will be inactive and not visible to the public. Your business listing will be reactivated once you pay the necessary fee.
All annual and monthly memberships will auto-renew, with your credit card charged each time on the annual or monthly anniversary of your subscription. Monthly subscriptions may be cancelled at any time, but you will be billed for the entire cancellation month. Your annual membership may be cancelled at the time of renewal and your listing will immediately become inactive, however you will retain access to the site using your login credentials. You may cancel your membership prior to the billing date to avoid future charges. If you cancel your membership prior to the billing date, your listing will stay active until your membership expires. If you have any questions or concerns please contact our customer service team.


Yes. Your security is our priority. Please read our privacy policy for more information.
Anyone can view business listings on